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Autism 360™ is different from conventional therapy programs like ABA, etc. Almost all research done in the last couple of decades conclusively suggests that therapy is 2 to 5x more effective when conducted from home, and with the help of parents. 


Autism 360™ is home-based and 100% tailored to meet your child's specific needs across the following skill profiles

  • Communication skills: to improve your child's verbal and speech delivery skills

  • Social skills:  to help your child get along and interact with friends, family members and in social circles

  • Behavioral development:  to manage tantrums, meltdowns and difficult behavior at home, at school or in the community

  • Learning skills: to keep up with the school curriculum and help you with strategies that work for your child

  • Daily living: self-care skills to help your child become independent and grow up to be a productive member of your community

  • 100% Tailored to your Child's needs: Every child is unique, so why use one-size-fits-all strategies. In Autism 360™, every child's plan is uniquely defined based on their specific goals 


Will this work for me and my kid?

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Autism 360™ is not only a pioneer in parent-mediated intervention framework but also a global community that promotes Neurodiversity

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